The Cloud Of Cloud Computing

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Introduction This report will be exploring what cloud computing is, the usages of cloud computing, a comparison of organisations that offer cloud services and their architectures, an explanation on how a typical software company may benefit from having a cloud implementation, a description of a challenge that cloud computing has in research and a description of a challenge in a commercial adaptation in connection to cloud computing. Part A What is cloud computing exactly? The idea of cloud computing was first initially introduced by J.C.R Licklider in 1969 who introduced the idea as “Intergalactic Computer Network” [1]. He envisioned a future where everyone on the planet was connected/interconnected together accessing information, data, programs and so on from anywhere in the world. A comments was made by Margaret Lewis who is the product marketing director at AMD who said in 2010 that J.C.R Licklider idea in 1969 “the idea sounds a lot like what we are calling cloud computing” [1, 2]. Some believe the idea was first discussed by John McCarthy who discussed it in a public venue at a speech that was celebrating MIT centennial who said “that computer time-sharing technology might result in a future in which computing power and even specific applications could be sold through the utility business model (like water or electricity)”[3]. So what is cloud computing exactly? There are many definition of what people thing cloud computing is but most on these have in common two

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