The Cloud Of Cloud Computing

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INTRODUCTION The model of cloud computing has increased in modern years and has become a very important feature in day-to-day computing. Cloud computing simply means virtually extracting resources from service provider through internet. It means that the user has minimum hardware configuration and still by using remote services the user can compute extreme tasks which require maximum amount of computing. Cloud services provide user variety of perks such as data storage, computing power(memory), and networking. In recent years, the feature that has gained more popularity is data storage on cloud. The cloud business model (STaaS) [2] in which the CSP(cloud service provider) provides storage as a service where user can rent the amount of…show more content…
In current paper we will go through current solution that are used to secure a cloud and get an idea where it is headed. We will start with the basic encryption techniques to complex and understand the infrastructure of who encryption is used to secure the cloud environment. Essential Characteristics of cloud The cloud needs certain sets of characteristics to enable the remote provisioning of scalable and measured resources in an effective manner. [3] These are the six characteristics which are common for cloud environment are as follows: 1. On-demand usage 2. Universal access 3. Resource pooling 4. Elasticity 5. Measured usage These resources can vary from different provider. [3] On-demand usage: a cloud consumer can unilaterally access the IT resources giving the user freedom to self use these resources as required. We can narrow these resources as email, network or streaming service or application which does not require human interaction. Universal access: it represents that the user can access the service which require support for a range of devices, transport protocols, interface and security technologies. The service provider establishes such architecture that fulfils the users needs as required. Resource pooling: this module can be explained with two types of models these are single-tenant model and multi tenant model. In single
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