The Cloud Of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing refers to the technology in which the entire range of the services such as application, infrastructure and the platform are accessed with the help of the internet. The access to these services are provided by the major contributors such as Google, Apple ,, Amazon and Microsoft and the access to these services were entirely out of reach if these major providers would not have contributed in it to a large extent. The entire range of the services provided by the cloud computing includes the activities for the business operations. Collaboration; communication project management, data analysis; data scheduling; storage and the sharing are supported by the cloud services. The access to these cloud computing…show more content…
But the staff, administrators and the faculty of the small nonprofit organizations is needed to be extra cautious while the processing, sharing, storing or managing the entire data. Self provisioned services of these nonprofit organizations are more to more risks because of the environments and can encounter the risks without any notice. The end user agreements are very rigid and are not subject to change all these agreements do not allow the users to negotiate clarify or change the agreements and these can even change without any prior notice. Hence, the organizations should carefully observe the policy and the license document. Below are the risks associated with the self provisioned cloud services: • Poorly and unclearly implemented access controls for the entire range of the applications • Poorly and unclearly implemented security provisions • Immediate disabling of the cloud services without any prior notification • Immediate disabling of the cloud services without any prior notification that leads to the loss of the data. • The privacy concerns for the data that are present on the cloud of the external vendor since the external vendor can resale the data of the cloud users present to any of the third parties for self benefits of any terms. • The rights for storing, processing and sharing of the data on the cloud can be compromised at any moment of time leading to the security risks or security concerns. In comparison, small
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