The Cloud Of Cloud Computing

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Assignment Question 1 The cloud computing, in comparison with personal computing, offers an extensive range of competencies. Cloud computing is defined in broader terms as “A large-scale distributed computing paradigm that is driven by economies of scale, in which a pool of abstracted, virtualized, dynamically-scalable, managed computing power, storage, platforms, and services are delivered on demand to external customers over the Internet.”12 In 2014, It is found in various reports that “Australian organizations to be well ahead of others surveyed in the adoption of cloud computing. Eighty six per cent of surveyed enterprises in Australia have used cloud in their production environment for more than a year.”4 Major corporations such as…show more content…
Cloud Infrastructure Source: ( Source: ( “The implementation of cloud-based solutions will be subject to various essential elements. These elements are as follows: • The business operating segments, • The viability of porting prevailing components on cloud, • The company’s size, • The clients’ location etc.” 14 When there is a reduction in the delivery time and fixed costs, it could be leveraged the way procurement of services occurs. Therefore, it is not suitable to make one single justification of cloud technology implementation. For example, if a business has internal ERP and CRM solutions together, then there might be a problem regarding security of data for organizations, hence it would be more suitable for enterprises to keep ERP on in-house servers while shifting CRM component to cloud. The best illustration to provide regarding implementation of Cloud Computing is by Microsoft where “the Enterprise Content Distributors are moving from Database to Web Services Curation.”7 Microsoft has several competitive advantages over the other competitors such as Partner Ecosystem, Breadth of offerings, Enterprise-class, Deep investments, Global infrastructure etc. Recently, Microsoft has revealed its great plan to modify the Windows Operating system aimed at cloud computing. It is anticipated
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