The Cloud Of Cloud Computing Essay

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Chapter 1: Introduction Cloud computing is one of the most popular and emerging technological advancements in the world f mobile computing, which has change the way people compute in great ways. It offers many opportunities and challenges. This chapter introduces the topic and provides a background overview of the research subject. Introductory Overview of the Topic In the last few decades, the increased capability and accessibility of Internet had resulted in many benefits to the world of computing. One of the most prominent contribution t to power cloud computing. Cloud computing, a relatively new technology, has experienced tremendous growth since its inception, with organizations and individual finding it beneficial, due to its convenience and ability to deliver computing resources at cost effective terms. The cloud offers on-demand cloud computing resources, eliminating the need for organizations to purchase, install, store and maintain costly computing infrastructure. It also offers reliability and flexibility in terms of computing. With the cloud model, users can have services in three paradigms. First, cloud as an infrastructure offers the users on-demand computing infrastructure, including acquiring and managing the underpinning hardware and software, which they then rent out to the users. With IaaS, users can get the same processing power and speed, as well as have access to unlimited storage space. In addition, the cloud as service provides platform as a
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