The Cloud Of Cloud Computing

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2. “The cloud.” Could computing is a new technology, which is receiving a lot of attention from businesses and information technology companies. Cloud computing involves the subscribing services and obtaining a network based storage space as well as computer resources over the Internet. Basically, cloud computing is the delivery of computing resources over the Internet. It gives people and businesses an opportunity to make use of hardware and software that are under the control and management of third party companies located in remote locations. Some of the examples of cloud services are webmail services such as Yahoo and Gmail, online business applications, online file storage and social networking sites. The cloud computing technology enables companies to access information and other computer resources from any part where a network connection is available. The technology provides a pool of resources that are shared. The pool of resources includes networks, data storage space, and computer processing power and customized user and corporate applications. What cloud can do for companies? There are various benefits the cloud can offer to companies. The first one is saving costs of the cloud. Choosing cloud enables the business to save money in many ways. For example, cloud eliminates the need to invest in storage hardware as well as other physical infrastructure such as servers. In addition, companies will save costs by eliminating the need to have a dedicated and full-time
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