The Cloud Of Cloud Storage Essay

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The sudden emergence of cloud storage has taken over organizations by storm. A recent study that was conducted, concluded that, the number of organizations using cloud storage has almost doubled in the last few years alone. And in addition, the public cloud service market will exceed $244 billion by 2017 (Baiju, 2014). Using the cloud can provide many competitive advantages for a business. This includes; usability, bandwidth, disaster recovery, and cost savings. Usability of cloud service has made it easier for an organization to use this service. For instance, its ability to drag and drop from local storage to the cloud is seamless and it integrates with either a PC or Mac. Therefore, it frees up bandwidth on the local storage, which ultimately means that local servers will run quicker and far more efficient. In addition, the cloud service also provides a link to data recovery, incase local storage experiences a disaster of some sort. All of which, ultimately, reduces cost for an organization. There are various types of cloud services that are available; Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Each of these services provides a unique service to an organization and should be implemented when there is a competitive advantage. For instance, SaaS, is a service that provides a software which I deployed over the internet. It is designed for end-users, through a subscription, which is generally “pay-as-you-go.” And with

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