The Cloud Of Cloud Technologies

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The ubiquitous cloud is changing our lifestyles, workplaces and business practices in ways that lead organizations to a new level of convergence and connectivity. Today, many organizations perceive cloud computing as a powerful driver of business transformation and revenue growth. In fact, while cost reduction is a great incentive, several other benefits also appear critical to business transformation. The cloud enables businesses to concentrate on their core competencies while cloud service providers create and run IT environments. Further, cloud enhances organizations’ agility by provisioning rapidly resources for business opportunities. Finally, virtual business processes that an organization creates on the cloud allow its stakeholders…show more content…
Comprehensive cloud computing resources provide solutions to these objectives. This evolving paradigm is appealing to many organizations as a great driver of business transformation and modernization. The purpose of this report is to provide decision makers with introductory information on cloud computing technologies that will facilitate their understanding of the primary concepts associated with the cloud computing paradigm and contribute to making informed decisions with regard to issues related to cloud adoption. The report discusses such aspects of cloud computing as its characteristics, deployment models and service models as well as the drivers and challenges of cloud adoption. It also summarizes key differences between cloud computing and traditional IT environments. Organizations around the world are increasingly perceiving cloud computing as a set of disruptive technologies that can significantly impact business transformation. As organizations begin to move more functions into the cloud, they recognize that cloud adoption is a complex process that requires a clear understanding of the concept of cloud computing. What is cloud computing? How can organizations benefit from using cloud platforms and services? What are the
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