The Cloud Of Cloud Technology

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Cloud Technology
Recipients of instantaneous access to data anywhere, anytime, at any online terminal, are known as cloud users, as the avenue for experiencing these luxuries is cloud computing. This can be achieved by using free services such as Drive offered by Google, or iCloud from Apple, or via OneDrive from Microsoft. Much like a music library on a personal computer cloud computing stores data, all the while making it accessible everywhere. Instead of having to be at a physical machine to access the data, one can place this data into a cloud that can be accessed anytime, online, when they feel like it. Even more so this is great in everyday life scenarios. For instance, one can take photos from their iPhone on a day hike in the mountains and later that night post them on Facebook from their iPad or any personal computing device of their choice, without ever having to physically link the two devices. How? Because they 're connected to the cloud! However, with cloud computing there is an invariable amount of debate over infrastructure security and reliability. These are natural concerns for any new and upcoming technological advancement. Nevertheless, cloud technology provides a secure avenue for any technological infrastructure all the while rendering a more reliable interface for computing.
Historically the term cloud is the way IT professionals refer to a remote location where resources are housed (MSV, 2012, p. 5). This technology has evolved from the “IT time-share…

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