The Cloud Of Cloud Technology

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Simply put, cloud technology means sharing resources, information, and software over a network such as the internet as opposed to using a personal computer, server, or other computer hard drive. It is delivered as a service rather than a product like traditional computing. The different services are called Software as a Service or “SaaS, Infrastructure as a Service “LaaS”, Computing as a Service “CaaS”, and Platform as a Service “PaaS”. Many people believe that moving to the cloud is the future of IT and several businesses already rely on the cloud for all of their technology needs. We are going to look into how cloud computing works, what makes it successful and what are some issues that may arise from moving away from traditional computing. Specifically, we will discuss these topics in regard to university environments.
So what applications is the cloud used for? Almost all computer based activities can be performed by using cloud technology. Capabilities provided by cloud-based applications are endless from email and contacts to storing music and media. There are several approaches to cloud computing. Public Cloud refers to services that are offered over a network that is available to the general public. Private Cloud involves a more secure environment by using a private network. Hybrid Cloud combines both private and public cloud computing with some resources provided externally and others internally.
CloudLock, a security vendor, compiled a list of top 20 cloud…

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