The Cloud Of Cloud Technology

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Simply put, cloud technology means sharing resources, information, and software over a network such as the internet as opposed to using a personal computer, server, or other computer hard drive. It is delivered as a service rather than a product like traditional computing. The different services are called Software as a Service or “SaaS, Infrastructure as a Service “LaaS”, Computing as a Service “CaaS”, and Platform as a Service “PaaS”. Many people believe that moving to the cloud is the future of IT and several businesses already rely on the cloud for all of their technology needs. We are going to look into how cloud computing works, what makes it successful and what are some issues that may arise from moving away from traditional…show more content…
The list varies in all types of functionality including LinkedIn, a social media application used for professional networking, DocuSign, an electronic signature application for contracts and other legal material, and Dropbox, a file hosting service that allows users to share photos, documents, and videos. This data from this survey tells us that the most popular applications contribute to enhanced productivity. CloudLock reports “Employees are no longer the naïve end users they once were and are bringing a more sophistacted knowledge of their workflow and the tools that empower them to their jobs more efficiently and effectively. IT admins simply monitor the solutions that are used by employees, endure that these third-party apps are not accessing sensitive information, and embrace the collaboration and productivity benefits that come with letting people work the way they prefer.”1 Let’s look at a few benefits cloud computing might deliver compared to traditional computing: 1. Accessing data is much easier with the use of a smart phone, notebook, or personal computer. Traditional computing allows you to only access the data that is stored on that device. 2. Improvements and updates are much quicker because time needed for installation and set-up is removed. 3. Cloud computing can provide significant cost savings with minimal upfront spending (pay as you go option) as well as no need for spending on hardware,
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