The Cloud Storage : Security

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Cloud Storage: Security Imagine you are going to a technology conference in japan that your company spent thousands of dollars to get you to and you have been given the privilege of speaking at. You fly all the way there and of course your luggage with all of your files including your whole presentation and speech, computer, and not to mention your clothes is left back at Orlando International airport. Just a few years ago this would have been detrimental. You would have had no way to get to your documents that are trapped in your suitcase behind the scenes of the baggage claim in Orlando. On the other hand, today you can just buy a new cheap business outfit, and log into your cloud where all of your important documents would be sitting…show more content…
The hypothetical person to first talk of an “intergalactic computer network” (Mohamed) was in the nineteen sixties by J.C.R. Licklider who made ARPANET- Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (1969). Licklider wanted everyone on Earth (from anywhere on earth) to be able to have access to their data. Other people believe that John McCarthy, a computer scientist, had the idea of cloud computing first. Even though the official person to think of accessing your data from anywhere at any time from any device is up for grabs the actual development of the cloud for everyday use did not really take off until the nineties when internet got enough bandwidth to handle it. In 1999 was the first website to deliver applications through a website. Amazon Web Services was made in 2002 and it “provided a suite of cloud-based services including storage, computation and even human intelligence through the Amazon Mechanical Turk.”(Mohamed) The Amazon Mechanical Turk website is still running and helping people complete HIT’s (human intelligence tasks) through their accounts. Amazon also introduced EC2 which is the Elastic Compute Cloud. It is a service for small companies and individual so they can rent computers to run their own applications on. “Amazon EC2/S3 was the first widely accessible cloud computing
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