The Cloud Storage : Security

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Cloud Storage: Security Imagine you are going to a technology conference in japan that your company spent thousands of dollars to get you to and you have been given the privilege of speaking at. You fly all the way there and of course your luggage with all of your files including your whole presentation and speech, computer, and not to mention your clothes is left back at Orlando International airport. Just a few years ago this would have been detrimental. You would have had no way to get to your documents that are trapped in your suitcase behind the scenes of the baggage claim in Orlando. On the other hand, today you can just buy a new cheap business outfit, and log into your cloud where all of your important documents would be sitting waiting for you to use. It is incredible how the world has evolved. In the time we live in there is a ton of data being sent in between devices and it is increasing as everything does in the technology world. The question is how we are going to be able to keep all our data in an accessible place? The answer is cloud storage. It is secure (for the most part) and virtually infinite. Cloud storage is up and coming. This type of data storage is a good way to avoid hackers or even people physically going into your computer from getting access to your files or sensitive information. With everything there are faults of course. Even though they can still get into your cloud, data is secured in a different way. Since cloud storage allows access to

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