Essay on The Cloud has Changed Business Computing

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Cloud computing is a usage of very large scalable and virtualized resources in a dynamic way over the internet .In Cloud computing multiple cloud users can request number of cloud services simultaneously, so there must be a provision that all resources are made available to requesting user in efficient manner to satisfy their need without compromising on the performance of the resources. Clouds can make it possible to access applications and associated data from anywhere, anytime. One of the major challenges in cloud computing is related to optimizing the resources being allocated. The other challenges of resource allocation are meeting customer demands, data center management and application requirements. Our system multiplexes virtual to physical resources adaptively based on the changing demand. We use the skewness metric to combine Virtual Machines (VMs) with different resource characteristics appropriately so that the capacities of servers are well utilized. Our algorithm achieves both overload avoidance and green computing for systems with multi resource constraints.
Key Terms: Cloud computing, Resource Management, Virtualization, Overload Avoidance, Green Computing, Virtual Machine Monitor, Skewness

1. Introduction
The notion of Cloud computing has not only reshaped the field of distributed systems but also undamentally changed how businesses utilize computing today. While Cloud computing provides many advanced features, it still has some shortcomings such as the…

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