The Code And Norms Of Prison

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People who suddenly find themselves sentenced to prison usually face a great deal of fear and uncertainty. These feelings stem from the differences that an inmate experiences versus how a “civilian” experiences life on the outside of prison. Accepted societal norms put aside for the codes and norms of prison inmates.

Examples of the different experiences can be found when the convicted person first enters the prison. There are a series of steps they take through the processing center and they get their first real sense of fear. Inmates may yell at them when they enter a certain hall, the staff are strict and not trying to make their stay “comfortable”. Doors locked behind them—there is no leaving to back to the life they once knew.

In order to assimilate into the prison system, an inmate must learn how to act with other inmates and staff. They must also learn that they will be deprived of certain things they took for granted when they were in the civilian population,while learning that some things they import with them can help their prison stay be tolerable at least.

Once a person becomes a residential inmate of a prison, their freedoms are lost; at least during their sentence. A person loses a job, family time, days off for vacation, nights out with friends are just a few examples of what a person losses. Another example would be a deprivation of family completely; maybe the prisoner was the only source of income for a family and the family lost their home,
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