The Code For The University Of Connecticut Is Manual Starts Out With The Table Of Contents

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The process I followed to complete this homework was to format my paper, Google the words IT Security Policy Manuals, Google some specific organization’s Policy Manuals, review the topics found in the search, choose three documents, look at each document, and answer the questions asked in the assignment
The structure for the University of Connecticut IS manual starts out with the table of contents. The table of contents is a big checklist of what might be included in a policy manual.

One of the first sections of the manual discusses its purpose. It discusses who will manage access and who will deal with the most common aspects of security. In the purpose section it is made clear that the policies will be amended through an ongoing process. The Purpose section outlines the boundaries for acceptable behavior and guidelines for best practices in certain work situations. It offers clear instructions to employees as to how they are expected to act. They outline the importance of including policies that address legal and ethical safety. In the purpose section they also outline who will manage the IT resources to protect from threats.

In the Connecticut manual the next section that is listed is the contact information. This section explains the head people responsible for security issues. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) manages the University’s information security activities.

One of the next sections explains how the policies will be enforced and what type of
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