The Code Of Conduct And How The Corporate Governance Is Respected And Modified

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This paper will discuss the code of conduct in place for G.E. It will define the ways in which the code is adhered to and how the corporate governance is respected and modified. This will define the principles of a code of conduct per the module and the code of conduct for General Electric will be defined on how GE delivers its code of conduct and how it is either modified or updated continuously. General Electric Corporation has a code of conduct in place as follows:
““GE’s commitment to total, unyielding Integrity is set forth in GE’s compliance handbook, The Spirit & The Letter. The policies set forth in The Spirit & The Letter govern the conduct of all GE employees and are supplemented by compliance procedures and
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This also brings one to believe that employees will sign the agreement and be held accountable at all levels of the organization as well. It would seem that it does not allow special privilege as an option to opt out of participating and adhering to their code of conduct. Supposing one would want to opt out, it would be making a statement that they do not agree and therefore cannot work for General Electric. There are other codes of conduct for suppliers and vendors of multinational corporations. GE has various codes of conduct in place for these.

According to Multinational Management: A Strategic Approach:
“General Electric has their code of conduct policies ranked sixth in the world for the Fortune 500 companies to work for.”( It is involved in transportation equipment manufacturing, electrical products manufacturing, media, and healthcare. Despite being a company across many categories it is seen as a company with high ethics and integrity. GE is committed to leading by example and all executives are committed to this in all their activities. So that GE can maintain the same standards worldwide, GE adopts the most rigorous standards that are applied consistently worldwide. They have a team assigned to the rigorous duty of reviewing worldwide trends and the new regulations that could pass as laws and they stay one step ahead by imposing the regulations in their code before these become laws. All
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