The Code Of Conduct That A School

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Question 2
2.1) Discipline: Is a teacher based activity which helps to educate learners in obeying rules in a positive manner; The focus is to equip learners with the knowledge of what positive behaviour is and what is accepted within the social norms, as well as to take responsibility for their behaviour and to respect themselves as well as others (Joubert & Prinsloo, 2013).
Eg.: The code of conduct that a school has every learner read and sign with their parents.
Punishment: Is the active action taking process of discipline. This when corrective measures taken to modify or better unwanted behaviour and to restore peace and balance within the relationship and environment.
Eg.: Taking the learners phone when they are using it in class and giving them detention.
2.2) Punishment is the action taking aspect of discipline as it is the corrective measures used to stop or change unwanted behaviour. Discipline is the active plan and punishment is the action taken (Joubert & Prinsloo, 2013).
2.3) Motivation: Both the learners and teacher have high motivation to learn and experience new knowledge each day; They are committed in working in class.
Positive attitude: The learners as well as the teacher have a positive outlook on the work that needs to be done, and this in turn creates a high morale among the learners and teachers.
Democratic principles: The whole class is present in the decision making process on certain aspects of the learning process, as well as in the problem solving…

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