The Code Of Ethics And Ethics

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Professionals are people who use a specialized set of skills in order to serve society. Because of these skills, professionals are often held to higher standards than ordinary workers. A code of ethics helps professionals determine how they should act both personally and in their workplaces in relation to their professions. With the current surge in technological advances, it is extremely important for those who work with computers to adhere to a specific code of ethics. The Association for Computer Machinery’s (ACM) current code of ethics was adopted in 1992. Computer professionals can look to the code of ethics when in doubt about making a decision related to the computing profession. Professionally, the ACM ethics code has many…show more content…
After that, it is expected that the professional continues to receive training in his or her skills through independent study; attending seminars, conferences, and courses; and being involved in professional societies such at ACM. Some will even receive higher degrees. It is especially important for computing professionals to keep up-to-date on recent developments in order to ensure they are performing the best work possible since technology is such a rapidly progressing field. For example, most software engineers earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science before they are able to accept jobs. Many software engineers will earn a Masters Degree in Computer Science so that they are able to vastly expand their knowledge of computer systems. In section 2.3 of the code of ethics, the professional is implored to “know and respect existing laws pertaining to professional work.” In any circumstance, a professional must obey local, state, national, and international laws unless it directly conflicts with an ethical principle. It is imperative that if there is an ethical reason to challenge a law, a professional must do so. The professional must assume responsibility and accept the consequences for his or her actions. Section 2.4 requires computing professionals to “accept and provide appropriate professional review.” Writing
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