The Code Of Ethics And Social Work

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Introduction Social work BSW students, generally, come from different background, experience, profession or without any professional experience. Mostly, social work professionals or students choose this career because they like helping profession or have some personal histories to relate to this profession. It is often heard that social workers require a good heart and competencies to work in micro, mezzo, or macro practice. Competency of social workers is one of the core guiding principles of the NASW Code of Ethics. Social work students develop their core competencies through the guidance of their educators and supervisors, discussion with colleagues, knowledge from online and printed materials, and their experience working with clients. Generally, at the beginning of the career, social workers rely on their knowledge gained in the classroom through their professors and authoritative texts, application of relevant theories, analysis of their experiences gained at field practicums. Therefore, the role of professors at social work schools and field supervisors in preparing students as professionals become crucial and challenging. The author has tried to explore a few topics based on the clinical and teaching experience, which appear important in grooming BSW students as social work professionals.

Evidence –based practice
Evidence-based practice in the 21st century is the guiding principles for the utilization management for the social service industry. To “fully utilize…
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