The Code Of Ethics Enforcement Agency

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Every year, law enforcement agency around the world are promoting employees to various positions within their organization who have meet certain criteria or qualifications. Those candidates are generally based on those who have received satisfactory or above on yearly performance reviews, shown leadership skills, taken further educational or career training classes, or have continuously gone above and beyond during their employment. Being promoted comes with a vast of physical and emotional elements especially right off the bat for those transitioning from employee to a supervisor. Transitioning from one role to another is not always the easiest as many individuals must prove their worth to others by showing them that they are highly…show more content…
They each have their own personal and professional problems. I had to learn to adjust and assist them.” After hearing his answer, I felt a true understanding for what he said as we live in a world full of diversity in which we should learn from others and adjust where need be because how we once acted in one position can change overnight when accepting the role of another. With continuing the interview, I further asked Mr. Wingo if there were any issues when it came to making decisions or problem solving that revolved around co-workers in which he found was difficult to address? Without any hesitation, he responded “Yes, you take on this new role and hope to be treated and respected like before but that’s not always the case as you have those who view you different because you are now in charge which tends to make your job a little harder.” I read in the text that “Diversity, disagreement, and risk taking help foster a decision-making, problem-solving environment” (Hess, Orthmann, Ladue, 2016, pg. 132). Comparing the text to what Mr. Wingo previously stated I broadened my question by asking him if there were any instances that he remembered that involved speaking with an employee that was difficult in
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