The Code Of Ethics For Educators Standards

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The code of ethics is an important set of regulations for education professionals to succeed. They are an outline of rules to assure that educators know what is required of them; they are instruments for optimum performance for all in the profession. The three components from the two codes of ethics we had for this class that I consider most important are Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators Standard 4: Honesty, Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators Standard: 10 Professional Conduct, and CEC Special Education Standards for Professional, Ethical Principles, Standard J – “advocating for professional conditions and resources that will improve learning outcomes of individual with exceptionalities.” The first component I selected, honesty is directly related to a person’s integrity and quality of character. I believe this is the most important standard because if a teacher is not reliable then they cannot be a superior role model for the next generation. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Honesty is the best policy.” He was an influential person of his time and is still looked at as being a great example for all. A teacher must always be honest to provide a safe, enriching and fun learning experience for the students that rely on them, without honesty trouble is abound.
The second component I selected, professional conduct it “preserves the dignity and integrity of the teaching profession,” I believe that this is an important standard because anyone who is leading a group needs to
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