The Code Of Ethics For Habana Care Dental

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Practice Setting:
I chose the state of California to create my dental clinic considering I would have a RDHAP degree. I chose to work partially independent since RDHA are able to work unsupervised. I would have my own private practice with a collaborative agreement with a dentist. Patients will be referred to the dentist have further dental care.
Code of Ethics:
Mission Statement:
Habana Care Dental is an institution that strives for the excellence in oral health care. Valuable professionals offer a carefully and individual treatment to all of our patients without any distinction or discrimination. Our priority is to bring back health to our patients and a beautiful smile.
The purpose of the Code of Ethics for Habana Care Dental is to take ethical and moral decisions for every patient, be always respectful and to offer the best oral treatment care. Moreover to enhance the wellbeing of our patient with the use new technologies and knowledge.
Key Concepts:
“Our beliefs, principles, values, and ethics are concepts reflected in the Code. They are the essential elements of our comprehensive and definitive code of ethics, and are interrelated and mutually dependent (Bylaws Code of Ethics for Dental Hygienist 2013 p. 28).”
Basic Beliefs:
As dedicated dental hygiene clinicians, we follow the basic beliefs mentioned in the ADHA Code of Ethics that mentions the following:
• The services we provide contribute to the health and wellbeing of society.
• Our education and

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