The Code Of Ethics For Nurses

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Truth-telling is an important issue within the nurse-patient relationship. Nurses make decisions on a daily basis regarding what information to tell patients. The specific issue in question is whether a nurse should abide by the Code of Ethics for Nurses by revealing the truth to the patient or refrain from telling the truth to the patient because they are respecting the wishes of the patient’s family. Nurses and health care professionals should always tell the truth to their patients unless the patient forgoes their rights to autonomy or cannot think for themselves. By providing the patient with the truth, they allow the patient to come to terms with their conditions and give them the options for further treatment.

1). Opening statement -Code of Ethics

2). Theses statement -ethical dilemma of truth telling from two different standpoints: *For the truth *Against the truth

3). for the truth -helping patients family cope with telling patient about diagnosis

4). Not for the truth -personal satisfactions on not telling the patient the truth

5). Nurses Action

6). Closing statement

7). References

Ethics on Truth-Telling: To Tell the Truth or Not to Tell the Truth Unfortunately, truth-telling in nursing has created serious ethical dilemmas because many times nurses tell patients one thing and do something else. To tell the truth or not to tell the truth is an ethical dilemma, which is a situation that result in a conflict of two or more

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