The Code Of Ethics For The Cyber Technology World

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Cyberethics consists of the moral, legal and social issues that involve technology used over the internet. It assesses the social policies and laws that we formulate with response to issues created by the development and use of cyber technology. The code of ethics for the cyber technology world is mainly related to issues such as: • Accessing resources from the Internet in an unauthorized manner. • Disrupting the Internet’s intentional use. • Wasting resources such as people, computer and computer/staffing capacities through such actions. • Anything destroying the reliability of computer-based information. • Harboring and exposing personal information meant to remain undisclosed. • Other uses for a person’s information obtained for one purpose and no other purposes without the person 's consent. • Any entity creating, maintaining, using, or circulating information of identifiable personal data. Cyberethics in healthcare follow similar guidelines for the management and security of its information. Health Information Management (HIM) include many ethical obligations like insuring the privacy and security of health information, health information releases, development and use of information, and looking after health information systems and health information. HIM professionals also must ensure the accessibility and integrity of that health information. HIM professionals are also responsible for any ethical issues that must be considered such as how the information is
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