The Code Of Ethics Of The American Association Of Medical Assistants

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A nurse is given an opportunity to help patients, either if its by helping them through a very serious sickness or just helping a patient get to the bathroom on time, or a time when happiness is overfilling the room and a child is being born. Registered nurses provide a wide variety of patient care services (Mitchell, p.12). A Nurse must always know where to begin and where to stop, as any other career in the health field there is always something that cannot be done by everyone but only the certified person, a nurse must always remain inside her scope of practice to prevent any misunderstandings. A nurse must also follow a code of ethics , the code of ethics of the American Association of Medical Assistants states that a nurse should at all times render service with full respect and dignity of humanity, respect confidential information obtained by a patients file, uphold the honor and high principles the profession and accept its discipline, and last but not least always want to improve her services to better serve the health and well being of the community. (Mitchell, p.65). Registered nurses can achieve many education levels and can attain many specialties. Nurses can ether be in direct contact with patient or work behind the curtain in management. A nurse can do many different things in a day which is made up of the location of the worksite, which could be a hospital, clinic, long term care facility, school, prison, or patients homes ( Mitchel, p.13). Registered…
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