The Code Of Practice Behavior, Emotional And Social Development

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The term EBD or SEBD was first used by Warnock (1987) this term was used to explain those students who behaved poorly or inappropriately. So what is SEBD? One definition from the Department of Education and Employment states: “Emotional and behavioural difficulties lie on the continuum between behaviour that challenges teachers but is within normal, albeit unacceptable bounds, which is an indication of serious mental illness. A distinction needs to be made between normal but stressful behaviour, emotional and behavioural difficulties and behaviour arising from mental illness, as each needs to be treated differently.”

Due to the increase of students with a statement for SEBD in mainstream schools, it is important that practitioners and settings understand the difficulties that these learners present, and how they can remove barriers to help those students with the need achieve their full potential. According to The 2001 code of practice Behaviour, emotional and social development is described as a ‘Area of need’ within the code of practice it states that ‘ children and young people who demonstrate features of emotional and behavioural difficulties, who are withdrawn or isolated, disruptive and disturbing, hyperactive and lack concentration; those with immature social skills; and those presenting challenging behaviours arising from another complex social needs, may require help or counciling’ (Ibid., Para. 7:60) these are the main issues faced with those students with…
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