The Code Of Practice That Promote Equality And Valuing Of Diversity Area €

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he current legislation and codes of practice that promote equality and valuing of diversity are…

The Equality Act 2010
This act bought together a range of anti-discrimination acts to protect people, children and young people against discrimination for having a disability, the colour of their skin or their gender.
The SEN Code of Practice 2001
This act made improvements so that children were able to have more of a chance of being in mainstream school, it was also able to give parents more rights.
Human Rights Act 1998
This acts sets out that all people have the same rights and should be treated as equals, it also covers a personâ€TMs human rights e.g. life, education and expression.
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989
This act is in line with the Human Rights act and states that all children should be treated equally.
Question: Question 1b
Answer: The importance of promoting the rights of all children and young people to participation and equality of access is to ensure that all children should be included and given the chance to take part in all areas and activities of education and have the right to mix and play with others.
If children have a disability then things should be differentiated so that they can join in and by encouraging and promoting you are showing children that they can do things.
Question: Question 1c
Answer: The importance and benefits of valuing and promoting cultural diversity is that children and young people will experience different…
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