The Code Of Professional Ethics For Rehabilitation Counseling Essay

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Ethical Case Study The profession of rehabilitation counseling seeks to provide assistance to individuals who suffer from developmental, emotional, mental, and physical disabilities. These professionals give the support needed for struggling individuals to continue leading fulfilling lives, and maintaining their independence. In order for a rehabilitation counselor to provide their services with the highest quality, they must complete their duties all the while pertaining to the appropriate code of ethics. At times, the ability to do so can be challenging, therefore resulting in the need for a rehabilitation counselor to reference a practitioner’s guide for assistance in ethical decision making. The utilization of a secondary source insures that the specialist can make the best possible decisions regarding the person in their care. In order to complete this case study, the provided practitioners guide to ethical decision making, the Code of Professional Ethics for Rehabilitation Counselors, and two peer reviewed journal articles, will be used as supplementary tools.
Identification of the Problem The case in focus for this case study is case # 4. In case #4, the person who is in need of professional assistance is Jeff. Jeff is a 31 year old man who, due to extensive burns, receives vocational rehabilitation assistance. These burns resulted in facial disfigurement that despite several surgeries are evident. The issue that is compromising Jeff’s wellness is the fact that
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