The Code Of The Honor Code

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Rules and regulations have always been necessities within the society, especially in the educational system; however, similar to the way we enforce rules to improve the students’ actions, we must provide standards that ethically better the students. By forming our own perspective on the honor code, acknowledging that the efficiency of the honor code relies on the student bodies’ compliance to the expectations, and relating the honor code to free will, we have come to the conclusion that the present honor code in our school, Robert Vela High School, needs to be revised. The solution is quite simple, separate the rules and create a new honor code that comprises of expectations excluding severe repercussions. Humans possess a nature of…show more content…
It is true that many students may not do what is right in every situation, but everyone has a conscience and will know that they failed someone in the process of their wrong doings. In the same way that American citizens say the Pledge of Allegiance to honor the United States, schools should too “...[pledge]...never to lie, cheat or steal” in order to allow the students to feel as if they are trying to keep a promise rather than simply following a guideline (Source D). Overall, the honor code should be seen as a moral expectation and not an ordinary combination of directives. The most crucial part of establishing an effective honor code is to acknowledge that the students are the ones who determine the level of its efficiency. Within the school system, there are always rules that must be followed; however, a portion of the student population will not obey them. The honor code needs to be separated from the rules in order to establish a set of standards that are a necessity to build the “...type of environment [we] want to live in”(Source B). The culture of the students is the enabler for the success of the honor code. Fundamentally, the honor code should be the expectations that establish the setting of the school. Within schools today, there are many situations in which a student is required to do an assignment in order to receive a passing grade. To many this would urge them to complete the task, but to others

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