The Code Of The Street

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Everyone wants to be a part of the streets but not everyone has the heart, dedication, or strength to live the lifestyle. There is a law of ethics when running around in the streets. There are rules that one always has to follow in order to survive. There is no love when dealing with those that follow the code, ones heart has to be made coal because anything can happen and anything goes. Out there in the streets you are a family that continuously looks out for each other and let nothing separate the bond that you have on the streets. In this paper I will discuss what the code of the street is and what is consist of, also residential segregation and how it hold those in the streets back from achieving success.
For those that are not from the streets or have only seen what is portrayed on television, they may not get a clear picture of what the code pertains to. The code of the streets are certain rules one has to follow when dealing with police or even other people in the streets that do not run with the same people you run the streets with. The code includes rules such as no snitching, stealing from one another and no talking about what goes on in the streets. The concept of not snitching means that even when something has happened to you and you know who did it, you are not allowed to tell because it could get everyone in trouble for more than what happened to you. You don’t steal from one another is saying that you do not steal from the hand that feeds you, the life in the
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