The Code of Ethics of a Company

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Code of Ethics A code of ethics represents a value statement of a company, its directors and its employees. It is the expected behavior "tone" that needs to be practiced in the company. It is considered to be a subsection of the ongoing mentoring program for ethical decision making. This program helps in preventing misconduct at workplace. For effective execution, this program requires continuous compliance monitoring along with constant reports to the top management. Code of ethics is a written policy communicated to the consumers and media by placing it on the company website. For the present study, I am selecting Oxfam's code of ethics. Oxfam's Values Accountability and Integrity: The company and its members are required to deliver their results on the committed date to the customer and, if found any errors, will be responsible to fix them on urgent basis. Security and Safety: The safety and security of the employees as well as the public is of supreme importance. Customer Focus: The company establishment clause defines the existence to meet the needs of the customers. It also emphasizes on the level of trust that exists between the members. Members are promised to be treated fairly and respectfully. Corporate Social responsibility: The company establishment purpose recognizes to support the social welfare causes so as to improve the quality of life. Fairness Policy: The Company seeks to practice fair policy that may be apparent in all procedures whether
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