The Code of Ethics of the Vikings Essay

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While researching the Vikings and what made them such fierce warriors, I learned that the cause of their behavior came from their code of ethics as well as their ideals and religion. The Vikings had a code of ethics that dictated how any respectable warrior especially those who wanted to be heroes among their people. This is proven in the book Vikings: Raiders From The North which states "Self-respect, honor, and reputation were necessary above all, and these could not exist without a firm foundation of loyalty to family and comrades. Conventions ruled everything in life- conventions about hospitality and the giving of gifts, about keeping…show more content…
One reason why they were so feared and had short life spans were the berserkers. They were known specially for ferocity in battle as Donovan put it, “They threw away their shields and cast off their shirts of mail and mowed down all before them with sword, axe, or club.” (38) With battle crazed men such as these it is no wonder why the Vikings were so greatly feared and famed for being so ferocious. It has also been speculated that these berserkers would eat mushrooms that would drive them borderline insane and when they would get into their battle craze they were nearly impossible to control or reason with. In order to keep from harming their friends the berserkers would wrestle boulders and trees instead of their friends when their battle took hold of them. The Viking’s also had a very strong religion. A religion so strong in fact that we can still see traces of it in everyday life today. For example Wednesday,
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