The Code of Ethics of the Vikings Essay

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While researching the Vikings and what made them such fierce warriors, I learned that the cause of their behavior came from their code of ethics as well as their ideals and religion.

The Vikings had a code of ethics that dictated how any respectable warrior especially those who wanted to be heroes among their people. This is proven in the book Vikings: Raiders From The North which states "Self-respect, honor, and reputation were necessary above all, and these could not exist without a firm foundation of loyalty to family and comrades. Conventions ruled everything in life- conventions about hospitality and the giving of gifts, about keeping oaths and avenging wrongs, about doing good deeds for the neighborhood such as building bridges and churches. Leaders of men must demonstrate courage, fortitude, fellowship, truthfulness, eloquence, and zest for life coupled with the ability to face death with an untroubled mind. All of these requirements, and countless others, were incorporated in the Old Norse poem Havamal, literally, 'the speech of the high one,' which includes the entire Viking-age code of conduct from simple little homilies to statements on the true meaning of eternal honor." (34) Using this code of ethics to guide them and having this code so deeply ingrained into their way…

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