The Codes Of Conduct Are Guidelines And Procedures

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About the Long-Term Care Facility, the codes of conduct are guidelines and procedures that are based on personal conduct and they all are vital for each worker in the establishment. These conducts are implemented, so that workers can adhere to the highest standards of care while utilizing ethical approaches and codes of conduct, amounts to the foundations of Long-term care facilities based on principles. It is the responsibility of such parties that include upper levels of management to the lowest levels to avoid such conduct that goes against the stated codes already establishes within the ethical areas. The healthcare field encompasses different areas and specialties, where it is deemed most common is the hospital or emergency rooms.…show more content…
Each set of conducts will adhere to standards of behavior in which the employer, other professional relationships, and employees will follow towards the public that it serves (Bardetti & Moriarty2009). A professional code of conduct is essential for all heath care workers because of the depth of inside access and protected medical and financial information that health care workers are privy. Therefore, all healthcare workers are supposed to uphold the code of conduct or ethics which brings integrity to the field of health care. This paper is going to focus on the code of ethics for a long-term care facility organization including those in management, support, and professional roles. Nearly all health care organizations will have a similar type of code of conduct, but there will be slight differences due to the type of health care facility. A long-term-care facility or (LTC) is a type of facility that caters to the medical and non-medical needs of patients with disability or chronic type of diseases. A long-term care facility may also be a service that takes care of elderly patients who are unable to take care of themselves and needs the full time specialized care from professionals. A long-term care facility does more to its clients and patients more than other specialties. For instance, in long-term care facilities, providers assist customers with daily living tasks like dressing, bathing and sometimes
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