The Codes Of Ethics And Ethics

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Q1 Read the IEEE/ACM and ACS codes of ethics.
a) Comment on any differences. How to you think these compare?

The ACS codes of ethics is a part of the ACS constitution. As an ACS member you must uphold and advance the honor, dignity and effectiveness of being a professional. This involves, in addition of being a good citizen and acting within the law. While Because of their roles in developing software systems, software engineers have significant opportunities to do well or cause harm, to enable others to do well or cause harm, or to influence others to do well or cause harm. To ensure, as much as possible, that their efforts will be used for good, software engineers must commit themselves to making software engineering a beneficial and respected profession. In accordance with that commitment, software engineers shall adhere to the IEEE/ACM codes of ethics.
In the comparison of ACS codes of ethics and the IEEE/ACM codes of ethics the public interest comes first and there is a similarity in the codes of ethics of IEEE/ACM and ACS , as the Software engineers should acts consistently with the public interest as they should accept full responsibility for their own work , Be encouraged to volunteer professional skills to good causes and contribute to public education concerning the discipline, Approve software only if they have a well-founded belief that it is safe, meets specifications, passes appropriate tests, and does not lessen quality of life, diminish privacy or harm…

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