The Codes Of Practices Within The Uk

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Introduction In this piece of work we will be looking briefly at the different codes of practices established in the UK about corporate governance, merging in it actual data from one of the largest low cost airlines in Europe and analyzing through a few scandals the issues they have to manage its business, therefore come to a conclusion on how they should be overcoming this difficulties. Some theories about CG will be presented in a brief manner, linking them to the way the chosen company has been running its business. Corporate Governance With the time, companies and businesses have become larger and a more powerful force, meaning they are doing the right things to keep them afloat and gain profits. This is directly related with the corporate governance within the organization; so to speak, this term is used to define the way the companies are being directed by its owners and more important what the managers are doing to guide and how they are achieving it. Cadbury 1992 defines it as the process by which companies are directed and controlled. It is needed when the ownership and the management are separated, so there have to be a way to control the company in harmony between the two parts. Corporate governance has developed widely as many theories and new best practices codes have been introduced since the 90s. The introduction in 1992 of the Cadbury report in the UK, recommended a code of best practice and made companies to comply with it, and if it was unable to do
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