The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf

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The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is basically a Starbucks clone chain, kind of new-ish to the Bay Area, apparently originating in L.A. and slowly creeping its way north and east over the last couple of decades. I don 't know about any of the other locations, as this is the only one I 've been to, but I 'd rate it as maybe slightly better than Starbucks overall, but with worse coffee. This particular location is between 4th and 5th along Market, an area surprisingly not well supplied by coffee shops other than the obligatory two or three Starbucks seemingly present on every downtown block. The interior is much more spacious and inviting than most downtown coffee shops, and also has a lot of patio tables set up outdoors. There 's a good amount of tables inside and a large coffee table in the middle around which are some leather sofas and stuffed chairs. Unfortunately the coffee and food is hidden behind a partition, and to see everything you must enter a cafeteria-style line, so if it is busy you are pretty much committed and can 't change your mind about buying something. The menu is basically all the expected coffee drinks, tea, muffins, scones, some miscellaneous pastries, and bagels. Prices are average to slightly high for the area. A small coffee is $1.75, which is definitely high, and the size isn 't any better than any of the cheaper places around. A bagel is a more reasonable $1.25, but they charge you an extra 50 cents for cream cheese, yet only give you one of those
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