The Coffee Industry Analysis

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The Coffee Industry Analysis
The gourmet coffee industry has continued to grow for the Great Cups of Coffee company since it began in the year 1997. It seems that gourmet coffee has become in great demand for the American workforce and for people who love it. Coffee shops can serve as place to relax, read, socialize, work and study. Some coffee shops even provide wireless hot spots. The current trend seems to be spending five dollars on a cup of gourmet coffee. Some coffeehouse competitors of Great Cups of Coffee Company are Starbucks, Panera Bread, Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds.
Some of the competitors have more employees to contend with. According to the McDonalds website, “The Company has 1.6 million employees.” (,
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One of the greatest issues with GC3 faces is that with their acquisitions they have three different types of stores with different benefit plans, cultures and food items. GC3 must face a nightmare trying to keep track of employees, orders, and benefits. To bring GC3 into a truly unified company several things have to occur. First, and foremost, is the need for standardization of the accounting process and the MIS software that goes with it. Every store needs to report to Headquarters in the same way; this is the only way to see true profitability.
Secondly, every store needs to offer the same items. The executive staff seems unable to take their acquisitions and bring them into a mold that is GC3. Thirdly, if company cares are going to be used then there needs to be uniformity throughout the company as to who has the right to one. GC3 has not added to their upper echelon of executives as the company has grown. This means that the original four individuals are carrying too much weight and cannot do everything that needs to be done. Considerations needs to me made to add more middle management positions at a central location.
In today’s economy people are being laid off right and left it seems. With this in mind, a coffeehouse or fast restaurant might want to stay competitive by offering their products at a lower cost. McDonalds is now offering gourmet coffees. According to The Poly Post, McDonalds will offer the McCafe, and state s that, “Complete with
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