The Coffee Industry Of Colombia

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The coffee industry in Colombia is unique in its production process. To describe the social and environmental conditions of the commodity chosen for this project, Juan Valdéz café, we have to understand the complex system of the coffee production in Colombia and how coffee in general, and Juan Valdéz café in particular is brought into fruition. Juan Valdéz café is an internationally renowned brand of Colombian coffee that…
As far back as 1860, coffee had become the major export in Colombia (Equal Exchange). By the 1920s, however, the coffee industry in the country was undergoing difficult times as a result of unstable international market forces. Thus, coffee growers were not guaranteed a steady income. Out of these circumstances arose an
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Juan Valdéz café includes both it’s own brand logo (the signature) and the Juan Valdéz character, which informs the consumer that it’s 100% Colombian coffee.
Juan Valdéz café is 100% washed Arabica coffee produced within the “Coffee Triangle” of Colombia. Ideally, the coffee is grown within 1200 to 1800 meters above sea level, temperatures between 17 and 23 degrees Celsius and a precipitation level of 2,000 milliliters. Moreover, the coffee is produced in soil originating from volcanic ash, thus it possesses high content of organic material that enhances the quality of the coffee. The specific seasons and methods of coffee growing can vary slightly depending on the region. However, for the majority of coffee growing, the flowering period is from January to March, while the main harvest is from September through December. Certain areas yield particular qualities. For example, places such as Sierra Nevada, located in the north of Colombia, expose coffee to more solar radiation. These coffees tend to be less acidic and have a fuller body compared to the regions of southern Colombia like Nariño in which the coffees are more acidic and sweet. Cultivation processes can vary by region and include traditional plantations with lower productivity or more advanced methods that make use of total sun exposure, partial shade or full shade. To meet the high demands of consumers and the quality standards of the
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