The Coffee Pot By John Coburn

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The Coffee Pot The fascination that arose in Colonial America of drinking exotic beverages and the impact of silver led to the creation of one of the most popular household items of today. With the new invention of a new coffee brewing process developed in France, the coffee pot has trended over from Europe into the colonies where they were created in fine silver and ceramic designs. This trend that started quickly spread as colonist tastes for imported luxuries started to create the American lifestyle. The coffee pot in question was crafted between the years of 1750-60 by John Coburn, a silversmith and jeweler. The Museum of Fine Art’s describes this pieces as “Almost straight sides curving at rounded bottom, on moulded splayed foot. Moulded rim and domed cover, turned finial. Scroll handle sockets, cover hinged to upper one with acanthus drop on body. Double scroll wooden handle. curved spout, acanthus on tip and boldly fluted lower half (small oval hole inside)”. These materials used to create the object are simply silver and wood crafted together. The coffee pot function is to prepared coffee by boiling coffee grounds with water and to keep the beverage hot while the handle cool for use. Not only can these materials be found today, some coffee pot designs still carry on this timeless design. In the 1700 century, silver was basically another form of money and yet was not easy to obtain. Many of the wealthy citizens would import from other countries, like France and
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