The Coffee Shop, Avenue Coffee, Near The University Of Memphis

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After a lot of consideration and thought, I decided to study the coffee shop, Avenue Coffee, near the University of Memphis. The location was actually recommended by a fellow ethnographer in my class and I thought I would follow up with the gracious suggestion. Avenue Coffee was unfamiliar to me, and is also in a part of Memphis that I have rarely gone to. This shop was a great way to see a new part of town, but also to see what kind of local businesses have risen in Memphis. The ethnographer told me that the café had a deeply rooted mission for the community of Memphis and is definitely a place in one must visit. What caught my attention in the beginning was that Avenue Coffee is a non-profit café. Situated at 786 Echles Street, the…show more content…
As Weidner explains further, which is the reason for my title, that they hope to make a difference in Memphis “one latte at a time.” This particular field site attracted me thanks to its nature: a local and philanthropic coffee shop that has a mission to sell great, locally organised coffee while giving back to the community that raised it up. I thoroughly support and encourage businesses, especially small ones, that want to make a difference when they can in the community – whether it be a retail store, restaurant, or café. My purpose of studying this café will be to not only understand what Avenue Coffee is, its origins, and how it conducts its business, but the actual investigation of how this socially constructed meeting place originated and the act of drinking coffee and socialising developed as a particular place – or rather, how it became “a thing to do”. I will observe the demographics of this particular café’s customers, to see what drives them to visit such a location – such as its appeal – and how drinking a coffee and utilising this location fits in society. I will be observing this cultural scene by taking a stance as an average customer. Each time I come in, I will order a drink and inconspicuously sit with my laptop and notebook. I will visit the shop just as any other student, with my backpack ready for homework, who is going to settle in for a few hours of

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