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The Coffee Shop has been around since 1992. Many people waltz in and out of The Coffee Shop everyday, you may even be one of these people who on route to class make a quick stop. But as you exit the building did you notice the small crack at the base of the wall. Where an upset employee threw a tray of mugs? Most likely not, This is one of the many stories that have been shared with me by employees of The Coffee Shop, regular customers, and people who have never stepped foot into The Coffee Shop at. With a place that has been around as long as The Coffee Shop has you are bound to have some good tales to tell. One begins with an innocent looking collegiate sophomore strolling into The Coffee Shop. As he strutted into the café with …show more content…
Acting as if he was concerned with her safety, he asked her if she wanted him to walk her back to her dorm. At first she said, "no," playing hard to get, but he rolled with it. And told her he had to walk that way anyway. At least his foot was still in the door. His last chance resided in the goodbye at the dorm room door. As they neared the dorm he constantly reminded her of how smart she was and how she didn't have to worry about this math test being as intelligent as she was. When they reached her dorm and she whispered in his ear "Would you like to come up and watch a movie?" Steve celebrated silently and replied "if that's alright with you" of course it was and so he did and to this day Steve and Jessica are still together, and frequent Jitters café as often as possible. For this happy couple The Coffee Shop is a great place to mingle and meet people. But then there is the other side of the spectrum. Where The Coffee Shop serves as a job. One employee, Chrissy, has a completely different perspective. She sees another side of Jitters. She has been in the café daily for the past 2 years now, and has seen a lot occur. Chrissy's feet sway around the café with the greatest of ease, which seems ironic when you follow her long skinny legs up to her head where her short spiky hair gives you an evil look. Nonetheless, she refills your glass of coffee with a smile and returns behind the counter to "the lookout", as she likes to call it.

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