The Coffee, Tea, And Coca Cola

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Summary- Coffee, Tea, and Coca-Cola. Three different drinks. Each one has its own taste, color, and appeal. What do they all share in common? After reading about about each drink, three themes become apparent. The first theme I noticed was the importance of the community where the drink is being drunk. When reading about coffee, coffeehouses was the place to be. Coffeehouses were not only the place to drink coffee, but also the source of information in the Age of Reason. New ideas and inventions emerged during this time period, and all through a couple of cups of coffee at a warm and cozy coffeehouse. The book even had a chapter called “The Coffeehouse Internet”, due to the fact that coffeehouses were the main source of information back…show more content…
Each drink has their own niche where it publicly drunk, from coffeehouses to all over the world each has its own community. The second theme to take notice of is the idea of equality and its progression in history. The first drink was coffee and it was available to European males that could afford it. It wasn’t super expensive, but the poor would have to struggle to obtain it. Standage talked about how some people did not agree with the presence of coffeehouses, one group was women who argued, “Furthermore, since the men were spending all their time in coffeehouses, from which women were prohibited, ‘the whole race was in danger of extinction’ ” (144). The second drink tea, was available to everyone in Britain and this included women. Now both men and women could drink and converse with one another in the public outing of the tea gardens. Eventually the price of tea lowered significantly throughout the course of the 19th century so it could be available to all classes. Standage concluded this in the end of the chapter “Empires of Tea”, “From the to go British society to the bottom, everyone was drinking tea” (196). By the 20th century when Coca-Cola flourished, it was a cheap drink available to everyone in all seven continents excluding Antarctica. Standage proves how global Coca-Cola is through this statement, “But that is just one of the more than two
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