The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( Cbt ) Course

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In the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) course, I have gained numerous skills and knowledge that will serve me in the field of social work. I acquired a new way to view and evaluate clients’ treatment as well as several different CBT interventions. In this paper, I will review the accuracy of my case conceptualization and discuss effective and ineffective class activities. Furthermore, I will evaluate my ability to incorporate the client’s strengths and culture as well as reflect on my professional growth. My case conceptualization provided adequate background information on the hypothetical client, however I failed to add information regarding the client’s father. As I revaluate the case conceptualization, it would have been beneficial to add details pertaining to her thoughts and emotions towards her uncle and brother. In the case, I wrote that her uncle and brother teased her and called her names. I included detailes about the uncle and brother’s behavior, but it would have behooved me to include her thoughts and emotion related to these situations. This information would have assisted with completing several of the class assignments, as I would have used these situations and thoughts as a starting point. I did include information on her thoughts and emotions regarding her angry behavior and hospitalizations, but I feel this information did not provide enough insight for the case as a whole. Completing the activities during class was a very helpful as it allowed
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