The, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( Cbt )

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Anger has been known to play an important role in depression. Depression to several psychoanalytic theorists and clinicians have come to be understood as conflicts and difficulties in coping. Anger is the central role in the onset of persistent depression. (Sahu, Gupta, 2014), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in anger management is the regulation of anger and then with the acquisition of skills would involve more adaptive alternatives to provocation. (Sahu, Gupta, 2014) When there is stress in the life of a caregiver who is caring for a family member who has been diagnosed with bi-polar the added responsibility can be difficult for the caregiver especially if she works and have children to raise. According to research, up to 9 percent of…show more content…
This study was conducted by Linda Seymour and Bob Grove in 2005 and both recommends CBT as the treatment of choice for helping people with common mental health issues to be able to function in the workplace and to be able to make an effective adjustment to health and productivity, (Smith, 2006). Review of Literature: Theory In forensic clinical setting, the most popular model for working with violence has been anger management, which uses a cognitive behavioral approach to explain how small stimuli may cause anger via a series of information processing biases. (Walker, Bright, 2009).CBT was chosen for Hista and will help her because one of the advantages of this therapy is that clients learn to understand that negative dysfunctional thinking can affect not only your mood but also your behavior. The goal of CBT is to help clients learn not only to recognize their negative thoughts but also to replace those negative thoughts with positive thoughts which will help the client look at the situation in a more positive way. Another reason why Hista would benefit from CBT, is that she will not only learn ways to change negative thought but once those thoughts are changed she will be able to focus on rebuilding her marriage and find more beneficial ways to communicate with her husband. Some of the symptoms of depression are: low-self-esteem and starting to lose interest in all activates that the client once
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