The Cognitive Development Of Children

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Throughout this research paper the topic that will be discussed is the Cognitive Development in children in the age group around 2-6. The topics that will be covered in this research paper are the physical growths and dangers, Jean Paiget and his views on cognitive development, friendships in the age groups 2-6, and cognitive changes. “Cognitive Psychology is the theory of human development that focuses on the development of thinking and thoughts that shape people 's attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.” Jean Paiget is known as the father of developmental psychology and he believed that cognitive development occurring in the ages 2-6 was the preoperational stage. In this stage children start to use more of their imaginative play with…show more content…
As great of a psychologist as Jean Paiget was he had some flaws. His experiments only tested children to see what they couldn’t do instead of what they were capable of. Since then children have been capable of doing more than Jean Paiget thought. Children usually start developing friendships around the age of 3. Early relationships with family may determine how a child’s friendships and relationships are. Children with loving and caring parents are more likely to establish better relationships with friends then children with parents who show lack of motivation of being there for their children. Children like adults look for friends who share similar interests as them, but for them they look at similar size, appearance, and if they are likable. Early childhood friendships tend to help children learn values like sharing, controlling their anger in situations, and becoming more mature. Children who are more popular with their classmates and do better in physical activities and academically learn how to be more friendly and how to actually be a friend. However, children who tattle on others and are more aggressive and hostile towards others tend to be less likable and have fewer friends which fuels their hostility
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