The Cognitive Development Of Children

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There are many different things that shape the cognitive development of children. To begin with cognitive development is when a child develops how to process, solve problems, and start making decisions. Once they have learned this they take everything they have learned into their adolescence. An example, of what can shape the cognitive development of a child can be an educational game. Educational games can be very useful in shaping a child’s development because they are having fun while learning at the same time and what kid doesn’t like to play games, the fact that it is even educational makes it even better for them. Not only are they having fun but there are many different games that help in different categories of development in…show more content…
They would either ask an adult which was me or their teacher for help in solving it, ask their classmates, or try to figure it out on their own.
In Phuoc Tran and Kaveri Subrahmanyam (2013) journal article it explains and gives us evidence on how digital tools are and have become an important tool when it comes to children’s learning and development. They mention Vygotsky’s theory, on how cognitive development happens with the use of computers because it is a tool that is part of our culture. These tools are important because it helps the children develop many different skills (Tran and Subrahmanyam, 2013). They mention different pathways that help toward cognitive development. The first pathway is the amount of time that they spend using the computers. Children shouldn’t spend a long time using the computers they should limit their use of computers for a certain amount of time per day. They mention how kids that come from a low-income family and struggle with reading get many beneficial in learning from using the computers. It enhances their school readiness. The second pathway is the way kids interpret the language of the computer. For example, how to navigate a computer. Tran and Subrahmanyam mention, “Research has suggested that playing an electronic game can have positive effects on cognitive
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