The Cognitive Response Theory On Birth Control

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Literature Review

To fully understand and capture the goal of this research project, the cognitive response theory was used and is being provided to divide this chapter into three major sections. The first section provides an exclusive look into the evolution of birth control and its comparison of the contraception methods used in the 20th century vs. today’s current 21st century. A second section focuses on the use of advertising to promote birth control and the effectiveness of birth control and does it truly work. While the third section concludes the chapter with three distinct research questions.

Evolution of birth control
Birth control has existed for many centuries with the earliest form of contraception occurring during ancient times. Both secular and religious groups disagreed with the use of separation of sexual intercourse from procreation which instead inspired certain individuals to pursue in the practice of abortion or sudden sexual interruptions. These acts usually violated the official standards of sexual conduct and would later on create new and faster methods to kill a developing fetus.
English economist and cleric Thomas Malthus was one of the first known individuals to bring light into the use of contraception. In 1798 his published writing Essay on Population (1798) discussed that rapid population growth forced down the living standards of the working classes, whose only hope for amelioration lay in “moral restraint or the prudent postponement of
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