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The Coherence Theory of Justification Cohertism is an alternative to foundationalism, cohertism is the idea that new information is well justified and accepted as knowledge if it coheres (agrees) with our existing knowledge in a mutually supporting network Coherentism offers answers to some of the problems that arise with foundationalism, and therefore it offers an alternative or additional means of justify our belief systems. And in these systems we hold hundreds of beliefs that support each other coherently. However some beliefs that we hold do not necessary fit with our coherent set of beliefs, for example I hold that ghosts exist as dead people, however I also belief that when…show more content…
But because my first set of beliefs the (more justified set), is more justified it seems more plausible which makes me more confident in trusting that set, whereas the second one has little evidence and justification so I cannot believe that over my more coherent knowledge. But how do my beliefs cohere with one another, for how can you build beliefs based on another, I believe 2+2=4 but how can that relate to the greenness of grass, and if you are using beliefs to justify others couldn’t it just be one big circular argument that self-prophises a whole set of beliefs based a pon itself. And is it really sensible to reject one set of beliefs simply because of the amount of beliefs I have in another, as the smaller one could still be true and the evidence more valid than the first. But on the plus side it does seem that most people in everyday life seem to go with whats most coherent and reject ideas that don’t fit, so it seems sensible to suggest that this is how we aquire knowledge and the system that we keep it in. It also serves as a good alternative to foundationlism as foundationlism can seem too simplistic and doesn’t explain how beliefs at the top of the pile can justify the bottom. Evaluate the claim that perceptions are caused by material objects. Been the logical person that I
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