The Cold Blood : A Critical Analysis

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In Cold Blood: A critical analysis “There are two kinds of people - those who are changing and those who are setting themselves up to be victims of change.” You can rephrase the above statement in a thousand different ways. One might divide people into two groups, “good” and “bad”, the simplest of ways to categorize people. Then again, one could categorize people into two different groups, “people who like baseball” and “people who dislike baseball”. Like I said, you can say it in a thousand different ways. However, for one man, Truman Capote, the dividing line between two people was a rather complex one.

In regard to a person’s ethos, if you will, an individual is not “born into” a certain role in society, rather society determines one’s role. That being said, the point I am trying to drive home is that, Capote firmly believes that Perry was not born a criminal, after all, how is it even possible to be born a criminal? Since everyone is born with a clean slate, you can’t literally be born a criminal, although some people theorize that you can be born with criminal-like characteristics; Truman Capote was not one of those people. Capote believes that society shapes an individual, and it has nothing to do with genetics. Perry Smith became a “criminal” not on the grounds that he was “born that way”, rather by cause of the experiences he endured during his adolescence. Finally, Capote’s novel is no ordinary novel, and I reckon that In Cold Blood was actually a brannigan
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