The Cold War According to Berlin Essay example

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The Cold War According to Berlin

After the end of World War II, in 1945, Germany was divided into four
zones, American, British, French on the west side and the Soviet on
the east side. Germany’s capital Berlin was also divided into four
zones. To identify what happen during the Cold War one has to focus on
Berlin as it was the centre of this conflict. Events like the currency
reform, Berlin Blockade and the building of the Berlin Wall show how
close it was to becoming a real war and also reflect the conflict of
East and West in the world in general.

The American and British zones were united to form an economic unit,
the Bizone ( later joined by the French , so that it formed the
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There were three key events which led to the Soviet
blockade of Berlin: the Truman Doctrine and the institution of
Marshall Plan for European Recovery, which both apposed communism and
supported countries under Soviet control, and the currency reform. The
Soviets stopped trade and travel across its borders. After the
blockade the West decided to support West Berlin by air which was the
only way to reach it. Hundred of aircraft were used to fly in a wide
variety of cargo items , including more than 1.5 million tonnes of
coal. At the height of the operation, on April 16, 1949, an allied
aircraft landed in Berlin every minute. But the harsh conditions of
the Berlin winter presented many challenges to the pilots and to
Berlin ground crews. These difficulty, plus the constant stress
fatigue , causes over 40 crashed during the blockade and 78 deaths.
The Berliners experienced terrible hardships of hunger, cold, and
fear, but appreciated the fact that the western Allies were scarifying
so much, including their lives, for their former enemies. The airlift
led to a change in the relationship between west Berliners and the
western Allies, who were now no longer seen as “occupying” but rather
as “protecting forces”. During the blockade a war between the USSR and
the USA seemed a real possibility. At…

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