The Cold War And Its Impact Of The Second World War

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The Treaty establishing the European Economic Community is an important historical document in Europe as it signifies the coming together of countries after WWII to create peace. The catastrophic effect of WWII led for the necessity of a new European integration. Europeans wanted to end the bloodshed and tragedies of the Second World War to prevent enormous destruction on that scale from happening again. Millions of lives had been lost and the impact was devastating. Cities and towns were wiped out with bombings and the loss of homes created thousands of refugees which resulted in the desire for a new Europe. Soon after the war, Europe was divided into the East and West and the Cold War began, which lasted forty years. The Cold War was between the Soviet Russia and the United States, or Communism versus Capitalism. The Organisation for European Economic Co…show more content…
As Europe in the twentieth century was divided into two halves pre 1950 “sixty million people died in wars or through state sponsored violence” after 1950 this number was under one million. According to Mazower, “if the nation state is blamed for the bloodshed of the first half of the century, it should be given some credit for the peaceful character of the second”. The Common Market was essential in ensuring the Franco German conflict ended. Thus the Treaty of Rome is a significance document as it created a new era in Europe. It signifies the end of brutish wars and solidarity between states with the EU even receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012. There has now been over seventy years of peace between France and Germany. With the expansion of member states increasing from six in 1957 to twenty eight to date highlights the strength of the European Union
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